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OTP meme
        Tenth Doctor and Rose - romantic moments

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Anonymous asked: Hey um I was wondering about tenth's reaction when he sees Rose's short cut hair for the first tome. You know in season 2. Could you write a fic about it please?


Absolutely :) Hope you like it!


“Blimey, don’t you sleep?” Jackie asked annoyed as she opened the door to the flat.

“Morning, Jackie!” he said brightly.

“What time is it, four in the mornin’?” she asked though she stepped aside for him to come in.

“Six a.m.!” he said striding inside. “And ‘course I sleep! Just don’t need to as much as you humans,” he said brightly.

Jackie closed the door. “Bloody alien…” she muttered wrapping her robe more tightly around her.

The Doctor just grinned and rocked back on his heels. “I don’t suppose Rose is awake yet?” he asked.

The corners of Jackie’s mouth twitched. “No, though I’m sure she will be soon. Whenever you show up, she’s not far behind.” She walked to the kitchen. “Want a cuppa?”

“Sure, thanks!” he said following her. “Two su-“

“-I know,” Jackie said ignoring him.

The Doctor looked at her questioningly.

“I saw Rose make you tea enough times before you changed,” she answered.

“Ah,” the Doctor responded smiling.

“So how soon are you two leaving, then?” Jackie asked, a slight sadness in her voice.

The Doctor’s smile faded and he felt a strain of guilt in his hearts. “Oh, er, in a couple days, I suppose,” he said awkwardly. “Just got a couple more things to repair on the TARDIS.” Jackie just nodded in response.

“I’m sorry, Jackie,” he said rubbing the back of his neck. He’d never really apologized to her before for taking Rose away but he did feel bad. He noticed for the first time how tired Jackie looked, and not just tired because it was early in the morning. He made a mental note to himself to take Rose back to visit more often. He didn’t mind…in fact, he found he rather liked being here now that he’d changed. Not for long of course, but still.

“S’alright,” Jackie said sighing. “She’s happy and that’s all that really matters.”

“No, it’s not,” said the Doctor frowning. Jackie looked up at him in surprise. “I want Rose to be happy too…more than you think…but that’s not…I don’t want you to….look, I’ll try to bring her back more often,” he said seriously.

Jackie smiled at him. “I know how much you care about her, Doctor,” she said gently. “I certainly know better than she does,” she added gesturing her head towards Rose’s room.

“What do you mean by that?” the Doctor asked slowly.

“I see the way you look at her, Doctor,” she said pointing a finger at him. “And don’t give me that,” she said as he coughed and made to say something. “I’ve got eyes.”

“Yes, I know you have, Jackie,” he said in frustration. “But that’s not…we’re not –“

“Oh, I know you’re not,” Jackie muttered to herself as she walked to the cupboards for some mugs as the kettle started whistling shrilly.

“What’s that supposed to –“ the Doctor began but cut off as he heard a door open behind him. He spun around and grinned broadly as Rose walked out of her bedroom looking adorably tousled and rosy-cheeked from sleep.

“Rose!” he said happily. “Good morning!”

“’Morning, Doctor,” she said smiling briefly before breaking into a yawn.

The Doctor grinned and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. Rose smiled softly and the Doctor’s hearts stuttered.

Rose looked behind him and raised her eyebrows. “What you smirking about, Mum?”


The Doctor sat next to Rose as they ate breakfast with Jackie. He grinned as he bit into his toast because Rose’s knee brushed up against his leg under the table and neither of them moved away. He nearly choked on his eggs when Rose’s hand accidentally touched his thigh under the table and she started to quickly draw her hand back but he grabbed it with his own without thinking. He intertwined their fingers and rested it on his leg. He tried his best to focus on what Jackie was saying as all the blood in his brain seemed to rush to another part of his body, fogging his mind in a Rose-coloured haze. He ate breakfast slower than he ever had in his life.


 “Are you coming back to the TARDIS?” he asked Rose as he put his coat back on after breakfast had finally ended. He really hoped she would keep him company while he worked on the ship like she usually did, although repairs took ten times longer as he often got distracted by the sight of her legs dangling over the grating above him as he worked under the console. “You never finished telling me that story about Shireen,” he added.

“No, I’m going to spend some time with mum,” she said.

The Doctor tried not to let the disappointment show on his face. “Oh, alright,” he said lightly.

Rose smiled. “Yeah, you get a break from listening to my boring human stories,” she teased. “No time travel or psycho-sentient Oyxnms in the story about Shireen’s party.”

“Semi-psycho-sentient Oyxnms,” the Doctor corrected grinning.

“Still,” Rose said. “You get the day off from my pre-Doctor stories,” she said cheekily.

“I love your stories!” he blurted. He really needed to get a better hold on the reactions of this regeneration –

-Or not, he thought as Rose hugged him and his arms wrapped around her instinctively.

“See ya later, yeah?” she said pulling back and opening the door for him.

“Yeah,” he said beaming at her.


The Doctor sucked his thumb into his mouth angrily and opened the door to the flat. “Stupid bloody ship….” He muttered hanging up his coat by the door.

“Burn yourself under the console again?” he heard Rose ask from further in the flat.

“Yes,” the Doctor grumbled. He thought the sound of Rose’s voice came from her bedroom so he walked towards it. “It shouldn’t’ve happened,” he said angrily. “I set the sonic to –“ he broke off as he reached the doorway and froze.

Rose looked up at him from where she was standing by the bed folding clothes.

“You…your hair,” he said in shock.

Rose brushed a strand of her now short hair back from her face and smiled nervously at him. “Like it?” she asked biting her lip.

The Doctor swallowed. She looked….gorgeous. Well, she always did but she looked older somehow, more mature…and completely sexy. He nodded. “Yes, it…looks good,” he said only vaguely aware of how high his voice sounded.

Rose relaxed and smiled in amusement. “Yeah?”

“Oh yes,” he said walking forward without any conscious decision to do so until he was standing right in front of her.

Rose grinned happily. “Good, I was hoping you’d like it.”

“You were?” he asked in surprise.

“Well, yeah,” she said suddenly looking self-conscious. She looked down slightly and her hair fell forward to cover one of her eyes. His hand shot out to push it back and she looked up at him again and he had to be imagining the sound of her heart racing and he desperately hoped she couldn’t hear how fast his were beating. He moved his hand forward to cup her cheek and he saw her gaze drop to his lips. He really had to say something or else he was most definitely going to kiss her and he just couldn’t risk their friendship and she might not want that. Besides she deserved so much better than him. He dropped his hand from her cheek.

“What, uh, what will Mr. Mickey think, then?” he blurted out. Why the hell did he just bring up Mickey? The last thing he wanted to do was remind her of her not-so-much-anymore boyfriend.

Rose frowned slightly. “Oh, uhm, I dunno. ‘Didn’t really think about it.”

The Doctor’s hearts positively soared at that. “No?”


“But you wondered what I’d think?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she answered looking nervous again.

 “Oh,” he said and he couldn’t help the broad grin that spread across his face.

“Yep,” Rose said and she beamed back and looked up at him and she was so beautiful and his eyes darted all across her face until they finally settled on her lips. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips and the resolve the Doctor had before completely snapped. He grabbed her waist and pulled her to him and wove a hand into her hair.

Rose gasped slightly and pressed up against him and he bit back a groan as he felt a part of her brush up against his hard length.

The Doctor grappled for control. Did she really want…? He had to be sure.

“Rose,” he said, surprised at how husky his voice sounded.

Rose brought her arms around him, sliding a hand up to his chest and bringing the other to the hair at the base of his neck.

She smiled at him cautiously. “Do you…do you want..?” she asked.

“Yes!” he said immediately. “Do you want…?”

“Yes,” she said nodding.

He grinned and her smile quickly mirrored his before he finally pressed his lips to hers.

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No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope
You were there to remind me
This is the start

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